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Cassia Watts

Co-Owner & Founder

Cassia is a killer Creative Director with a concentration on advertising campaigns, website, and branding. Her ability to combine classic styles with new designs sets her apart.

A graduate of Columbia in Chicago, she got her B.A Degree in Advertising Art Direction with a Minor in Journalism.

She has been branding and marketing education for years now and can make sure YOUR VOICE comes out in her work.

Cassia has an absurd range of skills and can personalize your Kajabi site with code and mind blowing graphics. 


Jennifer Williams

Co-Owner & Founder

For nearly 20 years I have created beautiful education systems and curriculum for life coaches, intuitives, robotics programs, computer programming & coding, spiritual healers, real estate developers, and traditional universities...just to name a few.

I have held the title of CEO for a multimillion-dollar enterprise and I excel in education-specific sales and marketing strategy. Being able to analyze data and track the current buying market gives me an edge on planning out marketing months ahead in an ever-changing industry.

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Allison Harmon

Graphics ● Canva ● Kajabi

Allison has over 10 years of experience telecommuting and helping others achieve a common goal.  She has a great attention to detail and loves seeing everything come together.
She has always had a passion for art and creating, and has spent the last year building a following and sharing her arts and crafts on Instagram.  Check her out at @justalittletape.
She enjoys being able to help build, create, and share your vision, so that others can experience what you have to offer in a positive and exciting way!

Dana Bisbee

Social Media ● Design ● Kajabi

With a B.A. in Journalism and a Minor in Fashion Business from Columbia College in Chicago, Dana has vast experience in social media. 

Dana has worked on ABC7 Chicago’s, “Windy City Live!” and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s official “Vegas” social channels. 

We are so proud to announce that Dana has started her own company offering her services independent of us but we will never remove her from this page because she will forever be a part of our family. You can visit her at

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